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Touchstone Energy Home

Touchstone Energy Home ProgramLower your heating and cooling costs for years to building a Touchstone Energy Home!

This FREE program offered by your REMC helps you construct a home that is a CHAMPION in energy efficiency.

The program has many benefits for the member who is building a home:

  • More energy efficient
  • Less costly to operate
  • Cleaner and safer environment
  • Increased comfort

Today’s Indiana Touchstone Energy Home features some of the most energy-efficient, building-comfort guidelines in the new home/remodeling industry. Everything being equal, a member who participates in the program can expect heating and cooling costs to be considerably lower than a standard built home. A Touchstone Energy Home comes with a one-year heating and cooling guarantee, a home performance report, a certificate of approval, and a pewter Home medallion for display on the home.  Get more information about this program by clicking here.

The Touchstone Energy Home Program features several qualifications:

  • R-19 total wall insulation
  • R-42 ceiling insulation Attic ventilation
  • Conditioned crawlspace with perimeter R-10 insulation
  • House-wide moisture control and water management
  • Double pane, low-e windows
  • Metal-insulated exterior doors Infiltration control to help prevent air leaks
  • Externally vented exhaust systems in bathrooms and kitchen
  • Exterior house wrap
  • Heating and cooling ducts located in conditioned space
  • Energy-efficient electric water heating
  • High-efficiency electric heat pump or geothermal unit

We would be happy to talk with you about how you could benefit from being a part of the program. As always, your REMC is looking out for you, the member, and is here to share information about subjects valuable to you, like energy savings.

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