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Employee of the Month

Have you received outstanding service from an employee at UDWI REMC?  If so, let us know.  Your comment could determine our next employee of the month. 

Send a note to:
c/o Mike Chapman
P.O. Box 427
Bloomfield, IN 4742 or email us


Recent Employees of the Month:

September 2017 - Tom Sparks

August 2017 - Nathan Neill, Jarrad James

July 2017 - Steve Harp, Evan Fuller, Will Padgett

June 2017 - Bill Baize, Bruce Wilson, Cody English, Michael Nail, Shaun Hayse

May 2017 - Shaun Hayse

March 2017 - Lydia Campbell, Jordan Clark, Tom Sparks, Stephen Campbell

January 2017 - Denise Fontaine, Bruce Wilson, Jordan Clark

October 2016 - Megan Toon, Miranda Hostetter, Bill Baize, Jarrad James, Shaun Hayse

September 2016 - Tracy Deckard, Denise Fontaine, Jessica Brown

August 2016 - Nathan Neill, Tyler Singleton

July 2016 - Steve Harp, Will Padgett, Evan Fuller, Jacob Pyne, Shaun Hayse, Bill Baize, Jarrad James, Ross Egenolf, Lydia Campbell

June 2016 - Nathan Neill, Cody English, Bruce Wilson, Steve Harp, Will Padgett, Evan Fuller, Jacob Pyne

May 2016 - Tom Sparks

March 2016 - Tracy Deckard, Stephen Campbell, Jordan Clark, Tyler Singleton, Bill Baize, Shaun Hayse, Jarrad James

February 2016 - Jeremy Feltner, Cody English, Kolby Hutton, Alyson Sparks, Bruce Wilson, Michael Nail, Will Padgett, Denise Fontaine

January 2016 - Bruce Wilson, Jordan Clark

November 2015 - Steve Harp, Will Padgett, Michael Nail

October 2015 - Kathy Holtsclaw, Denise Fontaine, Jessica Brown, Jeremy Feltner, Cody English, Jarrad James

August 2015 - Tracy Deckard, Bill Baize, Tyler Singleton, Bruce Wilson, Jordan Clark, Jarrad James, Steve Harp, Michael Nail, Will Padgett, John Reinhart

July 2015 - Tracy Deckard, Jarrad James, Steve Harp, Will Padgett, Michael Nail

June 2015 - Mike Reinhart, Cory Lutz, Jordan Clark, Steve Harp, Michael Nail, Will Padgett, Tracy Deckard, Rob Firestone

May 2015 - Tracy Smith

April 2015 - Jared Pyne, Jarrad James, Rick Mumma, Tyler Singleton, Jordan Clark, Chelsea Passen

March 2015 - Steve Harp, Will Padgett, Michael Nail, Keith Burger

January 2015 - Nathan Neill, Steve Jerrells, Jordan Clark, Tyler Singleton, Dennis Cullison, Leon Maners

December 2014 - Steve Harp,  Michael Nail, Will Padgett, Cory Lutz

November 2014 - Dave Patterson, Alyson Sparks, Bill Baize, Shaun Hayse, Jarrad James, Kolby Hutton, Tracy Deckard, Jeremy Feltner, Tyler Singleton, Nathan Neill, Melissa Dayhoff, Michael Nail, Will Padgett, Jace Herndon, Jordan Clark, Steve Jerrells

October 2014 - Michael Nail

September 2014 - Cory Lutz, Kolby Hutton, Will Padgett, Michael Nail

August 2014 - Cody English, Nathan Neill, Kolby Hutton, Tim George, Will Padgett, Michael Nail, Connie Burris, Dan Raines, Leon Maners, Tom Sparks

July 2014 - Jeremy Feltner, Shaun Hayse, Rick Mumma, Ross Egenolf, Stephen Campbell, Bill Baize, Tracy Deckard

June 2014 - Steve Harp, Gary Swinney, Kolby Hutton, Tim George, Will Padgett, Jared Myers, Dan Raines, Bill Baize, Shaun Hayse, Cody English

May 2014 - Keith Burger

April 2014 - Steve Jerrells

March 2014 - Bruce Wilson

February 2014 - Bruce Wilson

January 2014 - Steve Jerrells, Shaun Hayse, Cody English, Johnathan Sutton, Tracy Deckard, Ross Egenolf

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